Wood Door

Stain grade wood grain entry doors offer the richest most natural look. With choices such as mahogany, cherry, oak and paint grade, there are many selections in both wood and wood with glass inserts. Each unique wood grain pattern and texture makes an artistic statement and may serve as the focal point of your home.

On-site stain color matching of your home’s wood molding is available. If your home has sufficient protection from the sun and rain, wood exterior doors may be your best choice as they retain their value and add charm to your home by creating warmth, elegance and timeless beauty.


  • Rich Natural Look
  • Artistic Statement
  • Stain to Match Molding
  • Retain Their Value

All Glass Door

Glass doors provide a modern clean aesthetically pleasing look. There are several handle designs and tubular panic devices available for installation. We offer tempered glass ranging in thickness from .5” to 1” for strength and safety. 

If privacy is desired frosted glass may be used in place of clear. Tinting can also be added to reduce heat and increase privacy.


  • Clean Sleek Look
  • High Visibility
  • Natural lighting
  • ADA Compliant
  • Inviting Store Front
  • Durability

Hollow Metal Door

Strong and durable flush steel doors come standard with primed galvanized steel or may also be ordered in one of many pre-painted finishes. For optimal strength, all hardware locations are reinforced with steel plates and all seams are welded.

There are multi-point locks, panic bars and cylindrical lever sets available to suit your needs. Vision lite frames will maintain strength and increase safety. Many options are available with sizes ranging from 6” x 21” to 24” x 60”. Complete weather sealing, vision lites, latch guards and wide angle peepholes are added features available to increase safety and performance.


  • Provide High-Security
  • Battery Operated Alarm Panic Bars
  • Paintable Galvanized Metal
  • Steel Reinforced and Welded
  • Many Sizes and Options

Glass Aluminum Door

These sleek designed doors are versatile, durable and built to last. Because they are not affected by water, aluminum doors are a great choice for exterior installation. All styles are bolted and welded to the rails from the inside, preserving the beauty of the doors face. They can also be designed with flush center panels displaying your logo.

With several types of hardware available, wide or narrow styles with 10” bottom rails, finishes ranging from clear aluminum all the way to solid black you have the opportunity to select the perfect door to complement your office or storefront.


  • Weather Resistant Anodized Aluminum
  • Tempered Glass
  • Many Sizes and Styles
  • Tinted Or Dual Panel

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Each new installation is covered by a 1-year full warranty, parts are backed by a 1-year warranty and high-end parts carry a 2-year.

Greg is personally committed to your satisfaction and prides himself on the high level of service provided to all clients both residential and commercial, from the small repair to the large installation.


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All new door installations are covered by a 1-year warranty, high-ends parts have a 2-year warranty and all parts are covered for 1-year. Repairs have a 90-day labor warranty.

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