I had a large & heavy front door with a leaded-glass center panel on my home that was getting off kilter. Needed it to be rehung, and the center glass panel resealed and re-mounted. Greg is efficient, honest, and provides quality work at a reasonable cost. Highly recommend!


I work at Texas Instruments and we have a very secure site in which we have badge readers, security alarms and security video cameras all around the site.

We had multiple door vendors come out to try and troubleshoot and fix our door issues and for nearly a year, we received no results.

We finally contacted Greg at Security Plus Doors and my experiences with him have been amazing!

He is incredibly knowledgeable and patient when explaining what it wrong, why it’s having an issue, and what would be the best, most cost-efficient way to fix the problem.

I’m the type of ask questions about everything, especially because I’ll need to relay the information to my headquarters at other sites around the State and Country, so I was very thankful for his patience!

He’s competitively-priced, does amazing work that actually fixes the problem instead of covering it up, has the ability to include warranties and is professional and friendly!

Any door issues and I highly recommend you use Greg with Security Plus Doors